i have decided to get a pet birb

for me it was not good music because i like rap and this is not rap and i think he took too much drugs that’s why he died he got aids when he took drugs in LA and i dont think he was Virgin i dont know we will never know ..
quality comment on queen music video

sphincterfairy said: BYE IT HAS FLOATIES


a cow whose whole life is dedicated to making milk for ur convenience made that milk for u and u just poured it away shame on u might as well but water in ur cereal

btw if u put water in ur cereal don’t talk to me

if you don’t drink your cereal milk don’t speak to me

it seriously took me almost 2 hours to draw that stupid pixel cap on my nintendo ds and nobody even liked it fuk u all

i bought this shirt in december and it never arrived by march so contacted the store about it and they sent me another one and it still didn’t come so i asked for a refund last week and they said no but they will send me another one if i pay for shipping with a tracking #

i’m already down like $50??? 

the lion king musical was the best thing i’ve seen in my entire existence and i am definitely going again when it opens in melbourne and i could go on for days about how cool it all was but no you just have to see it yourself it is actually a masterpiece 

this time tomorrow i am seeing the lion king musical which i have been wanting to do for probably almost my whole life and wtf do i even wear cripes

sometimes i still vividly remember the day war was declared on iraq in 2003 i remember i was in my friends car on her way to her dads house for the night after school and it came on over the radio and her mum stopped the car and told me that if for some reason something happened and i couldn’t go home anymore that she would take care of me 

(475): I found them in the bathroom trying to wrap an American flag around Steve’s dick. I didn’t bother to ask questions.

tell me this isn’t about captain america

ughh i asked my mum to make me bulla for my birthday so she did but she made these loaf-type ones and also shared with me and my aunt so i got like hardly any and i just want more i s2g that stuff is addictive i could eat a whole batch in a day but nope i got two pieces ughhhhhhhhhhhh i’m hungry

seriously tho my dr will not quit it with telling me to get a pap smear like stop

is it sad that the only person who wants to see me naked is my dr

hey anyone wanna come to my house and punch me in the face and knock me the fuck out