i keep dreaming about my baby birb ):


dat post prod shadow

oy, my music is mostly meh but sphincterfairy tagged me to “to put my itunes on shuffle n post the first 10 songs” so i’m gonna do it idk what this is is it meant to be a meme? who know

  1. holocaust - placebo
  2. this long hour - dead letter circus
  3. i was here - beyonce
  4. in your nature - zola jesus
  5. paper planes - m.i.a
  6. deep sea diver - bat for lashes
  7. last christmas - florence and the machine
  8. sun in my mouth - bjork
  9. cheating on you - franz ferdinand
  10. islands - the xx

i have no friends on here so i’m not gonna tag anyone lol cry evrytime

what ever happened to mila jovovich 

"Monash Student Association election period has now commenced"

good thing i decided not to go to uni this week then

I didn’t feel up to facing people today so I skipped. Hang in there!

ty!! i’m doing my best. and if my best means not showering all day and playing playstation then i’m okay with that for tonight.

yeah mum and i talked abt it and she was basically like ‘you don’t pay for uni to learn, you pay to be able to say you did’ lol or some frustrating thing to that effect

ur ma knows what’s going on!! basically if u don’t fit into a very narrow learning style or if u have some trouble picking things up quickly it’s so so easy to fall behind. because whereas in high school u at least have a teacher that has time to learn ur name plus a group of peers u can be half comfortable around (i mean, they’re not total strangers), at uni u see ur teacher like two hours a week or u can see them at this allotted hour in this strange building and also they’re like a fckin phd with no time for bullshit like??? i… can’t deal w that i’m sorry but at least i’ll have some pieces of paper to go on the wall in a few years and that’s what lubes up the capitalist machine or w/e right



monash needs to stop sending me fucking youtube ads i already go to your shit ass school stop making me more miserable cripes

Lol omg, my uni facebook page posted their new world ranking, and then emailed it to everyone with some lengthy message that I did not read.

I maintain that if Melbourne Uni were a person, they would be old, white, male, and constantly patting themself on the back.

do u know how many ppl try to pretend like melbourne being higher on the list than monash means absolutely anything to any student ever like basically if ur school is on the list at all you’re doing alright and they’re both in the top 150 or something so chill lmao

i’ve been reading heaps about the uncanny valley today it is rly creepy

for what it’s worth i’m rly impressed like that thing u posted abt regression line or w/e the other day melted my brain

ty i guess!! it melted my brain too tho and my exam for that class is worth 60% of my final grade so……………….f….uck……

i’m seriously just feeling so drained and sad jesus christ it’s only week four and i already am quite behind but i don’t know if i can make myself go to my classes this week :^/

monash needs to stop sending me fucking youtube ads i already go to your shit ass school stop making me more miserable cripes

my granddad starts chemo on monday :////

filippellers​ said: i’m so sorry :((( she seemed really sweet

neonmine​ said: oh no i’m so sorry!

:^( thanks pals. i only had her for three weeks but she was my friend and makes me even more sad because she was just a little baby

filippellers said: what :( what happened

my birdy akira died last night :^( i don’t know what happened to her but.. yeah.

the worst part is coming home and walking in the door and she isn’t there to chirp at me ):