also it’s 4am and i shouldn’t have had that nap because i can’t sleep yet and i have a class tomorrow that i’ll probably just skip even though i’ve skipped probably over half of them at this point but also i really have to wash my hair and i don’t think i can face waking up in three hours to do that or face leaving the house with such an itchy gross scalp u kno 

i really like boy clothes like boy pants are just 500x easier to find within a reasonable price range that aren’t ridiculous or have stupid details that i don’t want and boy shirts are so much simpler and i just want simple but girl clothes are full of dumb prints and fabrics and holes everywhere and so ppl are like ‘just buy the boy clothes then!’ but i think you have a fundamental misunderstanding of my anatomy if you think my hips can fit into any boy pants proportional to the rest of my legs.

normal tv is never on here so i guess i’m late but is australia going to go start a war in iraq or somethin?

one time when i was a kid i got admitted to this weird live-in psych ward place because i wasn’t going to school and idk maybe i was kid-depressed? i dunno what they thought my problem was but anyway they had a little school there that we had to go to and we had like an art class too, and i remember the art teacher would always ask if she could take my art works because they had an art sale/auction thing where i guess people would go to buy art work made by fucked up kids to hang in their office or whatever and i dunno

that leaves a weird taste in my mouth

discussing movies that make you cry evrytime with my aunt and we’re like uhhhhhhhhhh and i was like PS I LOVE YOU FUCK THAT MOVIE and she’s like ‘i don’t think that was the point it’s meant to be a nice love story’ um??? fuck off that’s like the saddest shit i’ve ever experienced and it’s not even my life which is infinitely sad in the first place??

why the u like that

i used to just love things so much it made me cry but lately i just……. cool but i don’t care about anything


scully: mulder what do you think happened here?



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