i took latin in first year thinking maybe i would possibly continue it later on but they just redesigned it to a one year intensive thing so haha f*ck off

i have an exam tomorrow morning (^: kill me (^:

my father sent me a friend request on facebook?? my father whom i have not been in the vicinity of since i was a jellybean in the womb???

i was freaking out because my printer wasn’t working and kept saying there was no paper when there was paper and i had to print my stats assignment for tomorrow but it turns out that somehow a bag from a happy meal toy got jammed all up in its crevices. 

what’s up with the drunk culture on here like i mean do what u love but that’s really unhealthy to like support horrible addictions??

it is 7:40am and i have not yet slept lol cool

someone buy me bouguereau’s dante and virgil in hell for christmas

today some stuff came in the mail and i went and bought some food and some kitchen stuff like wine glasses and a sick knife for xmas dinner and i cleaned out the pantry and fridge so it’s basically empty now lmao and i have to clean up my house because it’s a disaster and then i’m going to finish as much as i can of my maths assignment and watch my history lecture and then maybe read if i can it should be good

i am so sick of hearing the ‘red in my ledger’ thing whenever people are talking about the black widow. obviously she feels like she has some debts to repay but why can’t fans find some synonyms or something, cripes. 

i’m just gonna…. put that unit off until it is absolutely necessary……..and hate myself about it later lol

seriously though even the lecturer was fucking insane like he spoke non-stop from a huge ass script in front of him with no slides and got so angry when someone came in late?? wow get some chill

bleach-your-works replied to your post:i seriously have not thought about what units i…

they keep cutting politics units like there were at least 20 listed in the handbook when I started and now there’s about 5 :(

the also cut like all of the classics units and archaeology units and moved them all around and they just suck basically

i seriously have not thought about what units i want to take next year like…. i didn’t even notice the year was almost over wtf

also they cut half the religion units which i was planning to minor in but now idk because they got rid of the myth-y ones

i have an issue where i am very intensely interested in many things but as soon as i try to learn about them i no longer care and they become uninteresting


someone jumped in front of a train on my line and i had to get a bus home and i had a whole study schedule but now i’m just too sad to think about fucking frog vaginas or whatever