damn i really wanna build my own sustainable home one day now 

ugh i really don’t wanna go to uni tomorrow or ever really, i’ve lost interest in literally all my classes even my zoology class is so boring and i don’t /really/ have to go tomorrow but my stats class is starting this assignment and they wont tell me which set of data i need to download unless i turn up? even though we have a week to do the assignment and we submit it electronically? excuse me why do you want to waste so much of my fucking time? god i hate uni so much like seriously this year has fucking sucked more than last year what am i going to do i still have two years there after this.

the only fucking youtube ads i ever get are annoying monash ads which they obviously do not need since i’m already paying them for their stupid school and condom ads telling me that i like sex and i don’t god fuck off

my snooze alarm only went off once so i only just woke up???!? i literally missed everything it is FIVE PM WTF

goddddddddddd my renaissance europe class is such bullshit all we do is herald these crusty ancient white beardies as specimens of humankind like who even gives a FUCK

actually that’s what all of university arts classes are like christ don’t do it it’s so tiring all you do is kiss arses all day

when ppl talking to me include me in their ‘lol us middle class kids’ i’m just like???? you know i spent nearly 20 years of my life under the poverty line right?? 

"Forgive me for being forward, but what’s your sexual orientation?"


"Hm. True.
I’m still working on overcoming my cultural conditioning/bias/indocrination

"the cultural conditioning that makes you think it’s okay to ask me questions about my sexuality?"

"that’s the one, yeah"

christ what a fucking shitlord

"Joaquin Phoenix replaces Benedict Cumberbatch as the frontrunner to play Doctor Strange"

thank GOD

so i’m sort of confused like i am seeing a lot of posts with a lot of notes taking a stab at nicki for anaconda saying she’s shaming skinny people and generally not promoting body acceptance or whatever but i thought that’s… what the whole second half of the song… was about??? like i mean she’s like ‘fuck you if you skinny’ but she also laughs like a maniac and makes choking sounds so???? ???? ???

also i had such a big argument this morning with my mum and aunt that you can’t really be racist towards white ppl and they just wouldn’t listen to a thing i said because ‘what are you saying that i don’t belong to a race? that i can’t be offended by others?’ it was so frustrating i want to cry